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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Life Drawing Stone Griffin 2/23/12

This was a very special drawing session because we had a favorite come back just to substitute for a friend
who had to work instead of model. She has stopped modeling but was gracious enough to help her friend who will be here March 22.

The rest are mine
Elizabeth Parashis

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Life Drawing Stone Griffin 2/9/12

Christina is such a great model that we all get good drawings.

Look for Steve Wetlesen's haiku at the bottom. He is inspired to write his thoughts about the experience of trying to capture elusive beauty.

The rest are mine
Elizabeth Parashis

Haiku by Steve Wetlesen

February 9, 2012

For Tiger’s Return

Week of Pebble Beach.
The most lovely curving arcs
call to mind woman.

Christina Impressions

Elegant baroque.
Deep in month of Valentine,
her Venus twilight.

She searches blue skies,
her naked eyes telescopes –
deepest Palomar.

She grows out of rock,
like Carmel boulders.
Monterey seascape.

Christina Ten Minutes

Madrigal chorus.
Angelic harmonies blend
Beatific form.

Faith and body merge.
Godly sacred feminine.
Hope for Eve’s return.

Christina Seated Twenty Minutes

Regal adornment
is queenlike pure nakedness.
Empress without her masks.

Golden royalty
removes purple splendor robes.
She is rose and crown.

Rule art galleries,
otherworldly soft monarch.
Love conquers all stars.

Lute concerto
builds velvet kingdoms with chords.