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Elizabeth Parashis

The mission of this gallery is to showcase artworks,
which could be paintings, drawings, or video's,
in order to have our art exposed for sale.
Send me your small file ( 72 dpi jpegs) art along with your contact information.

I will put something up of mine to start this off.

by Elizabeth Parashis

Print made on 8 1/2" x 11" glossy paper

Kit Coleman

Wayne Jiang

Decorative Mirrors
by Sandy Connor's

Maja Sofranac


Giselle Gauatreau

Helen O' Dea

I make various silver cuffs,  some inscribed, or incorporating pearls, brass rivets, pebbles and other found materials.
Also, silver bracelets hand knit with fine silver wire, with pearls and stones embedded. Some feature hand made clasps.

Yih Chuang
Sports Drawings
Stone Griffin Art Gallery

Yih Chuang's Calligraphy Slide Show

Brigitte Curt