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Friday, April 29, 2011

Life Drawing at Stone Griffin Art Gallery April 28, 2011

Our model was Lauren May who hails from New Zealand! We won't see her again until September when she returns from renewing her visa.

This week was special to me. My son and his dad came to this session and it was the first time for either to draw from a live model. I'm so impressed with what they did! First Ernie

Ernie Parashis





Now his dad, George




And now for the rest of us. Thanks for bearing with me : )

Friday, April 15, 2011

Life Drawing at Stone Griffin Art Gallery April 14, 2011

Life Drawing
2nd & 4th Thursdays each month
Listed on Craig's List under "Artist"
345 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell, CA
Coordinator: Elizabeth Parashis

This was our third session at the gallery and it was fun !!!

Our model, Katherine Burness, was great and the camaraderie felt good. It's stimulating to be around good artists whose energy you synergize with. Katherine must have an extra vertebrae to create those wonderful dance poses. She folds herself into positions you wish she would hold for hours. As it is, she holds as long as we ask her to, which, in our  group are very short 30 second poses, graduating to a last pose of 20 minutes. Those who want to do fine detail need to be either very fast or attend a portrait group. This one is best for warming up and getting those quick gestural drawings down, which I think capture the essence more accurately than a long, studied painting; not to mention a model's ability to hold more interesting "creations".

So here are some quick shots I took during break which will be fun to look back on as time goes on and our skill levels increase. Some are already there with their skills but others of us need more time.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Work In Progress

So now I'm trying something completely different. I've taken a series of sneak phone photo's of people hanging out at my favorite coffee shop in Campbell - Orchard Valley Coffee Shop - and now I'm doing pencil drawings of them on 3' x 4' butcher paper. Here's my first one. I see it's too light so must darken it up. But my girlfriend just called to go for a walk so I'll do my usual ADHD thing and change directions. Maybe finish later or maybe Friday.

So this is Saturday Aprl 2 2011 and I've darkened up this thing but it doesn't seem much better. Will have to bring a real camera instead of using my phone.

Here's the latest photo taken with a Canon Power Shot. So this is as good as it gets I guess.

Here goes another Orchard Valley Coffee Shop sneak phone photo of the usual gang that hangs out and play together. The guy in the cap is a Vietnam vet.

Hey, it just sold today! $75. Had it taped to a movable wall in Stone Griffin Art Gallery in Campbell where I was working on it. The owner, Dana Smith, is the MAN! The lady who bought it said her son thinks she's crazy because she likes drawings more than paintings. Whatever. I didn't sign it so now I have to come in during "Artwalk" Friday evening to do her right. I will be one of the featured artists for this monthly event so guess I'll go home and nap to be up for it. Let's face it; I'm old.