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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Life Drawing Palo Alto Art Center 12/6/12

Palo Alto Art Center

For the first time in maybe 15 years, I'm without a figure drawing group to facilitate.
First the Stone Griffin Art Gallery in Campbell closed it's doors.
Then the Cloud Castle group was a temporary thing
until Gabriel Coke could get situated in his new studio space in Saratoga at The Yellow Barn.
Decided to try out the Palo Alto Art Center day time sessions.
Discovered these daytime ones are 3 hours of the same pose! 
Not my cup of tea.
I like quick, gestural poses using a haphazard way of dashing the drawings off.
To me, that adds life and emanates the vibrancy of a living force.
One gets caught up in it.
I stuck it out and so here is my overworked result after 2 hours. Couldn't make myself stay that last hour.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

LIfe Drawing Cloud Castle 11/15/12


owner Gabriel Coke
facilitator Elizabeth Parashis 

This is the last of the ten week sessions.
New sessions start right away I think. 
Check with the Los Gatos Saratoga Community Education & Recreation.
Gabriel will have drop-in sessions such as these
and also instructional sessions for all levels and ages.
He teaches in the classical way for a thorough grounding.

Here are two of his "almost finished" artworks.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Life Drawing Cloud Castle 10/26/12

Cloud Castle Studio

owner: Gabriel Coke
facilitator: Elizabeth Parashis

I couldn't be here this week but Dalene took phone photo's.
Thank you Dalene! 

Gabraiel Coke


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life Drawing Cloud Castle 10/19/12

Cloud Castle Studio

owner: Gabariel Coke
facilitator: Elizabeth Parashis

A great session with Ariel as our model
She has a long slim body with wonderful orange/red hair

by Elizabeth Parashis

by Elizabeth Parashis

by Elizabeth Parashis

by Elizabeth Parashis

by Elizabeth Parashis

by Elizabeth Parashis

by Elizabeth Parashis

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Life Drawing Cloud Castle 10/12/12

Cloud Castle

Studio of Gabriel Coke

facilitated by Elizabeth Parashis

At LAST a male model
Collin was great and so our drawings were above average : )

Her drawings always give a mysterious, in depth, aura.

Didn't get a shot of Gabriel's which was wonderful as always 

Here's mine.
I finally brought out my 2' x 6' butcher paper as I used to 15 years ago while drawing at John Pugh's studio. Facilitated there also with models as wonderful as the ones today. A few have been with me all those years.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Life Drawing Cloud Castle 10/5/12

What a great model!


Gabriel Coke: owner

by Gabriel Coke

by Dalene

by Elizabeth Parashis

by Elizabeth Parashis

by Elizabeth Parashis

by Elizabeth Parashis

Thursday, October 4, 2012

LIfe Drawing Cloud Castle 9/28/12


Gabriel Coke

A wonderful session with Mina as our model

This painting isn't Mina, but is a sample of the detail that will be achieved by Gabriel when we finish having Mina sit for us four more 2 hour sessions.

by Gabriel Coke

The last two are by Elizabeth Parashis

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Life Drawing Cloud Castle 9/21/2012

Another wonderful model

Was this your's Marian ? Lovely.

Gabriel Coke
He gets it right every time!

Mine. Elizabeth
Horribly overworked due to trying unsuccessfully to get the feet right.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Life Drawing Cloud Castle 9/14/2012

A New Venue in The Saratoga Barn

Gabriel Coke's

 Model Coordinator
Elizabeth Parashis

A grand opportunity to do something different for me!
My usual style is to draw or paint from quick 30 second - 20 minute poses
but NOW I will be trying my hand at 1 1/2 hour poses
in the studio of a super realist.
A stretch for me.

Come join us for the next 9 weeks at

 20640 3rd St #270
Big Basin Way Saratoga CA 95070
Drop ins welcome

Sessions are every Friday 10:00 am - 1:00 pm through Nov. 16, 2012

Here are our efforts

The next 2 are mine
Elizabeth Parashis

The last and best is Gabriel Coke 
who said he was rusty.
I should be so rusty!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Art Pages

For very reasonably priced prints of horses, landscapes or figures click on the link below/
Fine Art America

For original mono prints and landscapes, contact the Woodside Gallery in Woodside CA.
Woodside Art Gallery

To contact me directly email
Elizabeth Parashis
artpages at

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Life Drawing Stone Griffin 3/8/12

Hopefully we will have a new place soon. 
Don't scatter everyone : O

Here are our last efforts. Some really good stuff. 
We had a great model
Thanks Ariel!

The rest are mine
and below these are Steve Wetlesen's Haiku

MARCH 8, 2012


Name of angelic grace.
What is her celestial language?

Trumpet Music 16th Century

British ancestry.
I think of Henry the Eight
I was there once
at his castle,
splendor beyond
yet the Great One
never observed
the sights that kissed
my commoner’s eyes.

Ariel Deep Abstracts

Beautiful pretzel
sitting on spacetime eons old,
Late Winter meets Baroque.

Elongated figure,
Soft honey blonde classic curls.
March changes to Spring.

Ariel More Abstractions

Aphrodite Haiku

Greek classic statue.
Springtime waxes eternal.
Her marble is alive.

Mobius Braiding Haiku

Such curls, math is made,
twisting frizz geometry.
Could I pass courses?

Ariel Essence
Ten Minutes

Organic wood flute
music’s gentle notes erupt.
Midsummer in March.

Growing out of oak,
emerging from evergreen.-
Dryad her own seed

Ariel Finale
(Haiku Written in Reverse Order
On Sketch Canvas)

Haiku for My Art

What thoughts form sketches,
find painterly season words?
Poetic Art blooms.

Recline Haiku

Seated Nude princess,
aristocratic without clothes..
Tree blossom Empress.

Unfallen Haiku

Pure shape without robe,
Moral holiness in skin.
Eve in her harden.

Poetic Artists express or point out the beauty and other visual aesthetics they see or imagine with elegant rhythmic language. In so doing, Poetic Artists sketch or paint with pure thought.