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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Work In Progress

So now I'm trying something completely different. I've taken a series of sneak phone photo's of people hanging out at my favorite coffee shop in Campbell - Orchard Valley Coffee Shop - and now I'm doing pencil drawings of them on 3' x 4' butcher paper. Here's my first one. I see it's too light so must darken it up. But my girlfriend just called to go for a walk so I'll do my usual ADHD thing and change directions. Maybe finish later or maybe Friday.

So this is Saturday Aprl 2 2011 and I've darkened up this thing but it doesn't seem much better. Will have to bring a real camera instead of using my phone.

Here's the latest photo taken with a Canon Power Shot. So this is as good as it gets I guess.

Here goes another Orchard Valley Coffee Shop sneak phone photo of the usual gang that hangs out and play together. The guy in the cap is a Vietnam vet.

Hey, it just sold today! $75. Had it taped to a movable wall in Stone Griffin Art Gallery in Campbell where I was working on it. The owner, Dana Smith, is the MAN! The lady who bought it said her son thinks she's crazy because she likes drawings more than paintings. Whatever. I didn't sign it so now I have to come in during "Artwalk" Friday evening to do her right. I will be one of the featured artists for this monthly event so guess I'll go home and nap to be up for it. Let's face it; I'm old.

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