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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Life Drawing 2015

Finally back to my first and greatest love, life drawing. Have been painting horses using a monoprint method, which I'll share later, but for now just want to upload a photo of the 2 drawings done at the Triton Museum sessions. Love that space. Large enough to accommodate my long 2' x 5' butcher paper. I clip it to a cardboard box that's the same size and 2" thick. Paper fits inside, then I close the doors, latching with string. While drawing, the doors are folded backwards with string holding them together, thus the cardboard doesn't bend. All is leaned against a ladder. Try loading all THAT in your car! Carry a bucket with 2 wide cheap painter's brushes, paper towels, a food take-out container with pools of acrylic color, a paper bag for trash and a drop cloth for drips.

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