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Friday, May 20, 2011

Endangered & Abused Species

Forest Hill Elementary Art Event put on by Art Instructor, Marianne Bickette. 

Featured are the Kid's Art on walls and tables (no photo's : ( ), Horses painted on butcher paper by me and canvases of Endangered Species by Jan Pitcher. 

The first photo is of my horses taped up on a screen. In the wild, they are routinely and inhumanely rounded up with some killed for dog food if they are not already dead from exhaustion because of being chased by helicopters while pregnant. In other cases some are beaten until bloody by psychopathic owners or left to starve in winter, fenced into a grassy area, not nutritious enough to see them through. Skeletons are brought into the sanctuaries. Sorry to be so graphic but their plight is graphic.

I will post where you can help when I get the information.

Jan Picher's "Endangered Species" series

The Band

The Ball Wall

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