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Friday, May 27, 2011

Life Drawing Stone Griffin 5/26/11

Life Drawing
2nd & 4th Thursdays each month
Listed on Craig's List under "Artist"
345 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell, CA
Coordinator: Elizabeth Parashis

I love this large space. I hope we stay here forever!

Steve Wetlesen drew the next 5. He is straight from the heart and one of my favorite artists.
His poetry, written alongside his images, reveal some of his emotions.
Steve feels the aura of people he is around so he can talk to you and do an instant poetic piece. 
 Events such as weddings, births, deaths, bar mitzvah's, christenings etc. are some of his inspiration.

Here are a few of mine. Tried oil pastels smudged with uncolored pastel stick.

This last is to show how I do the 10 thirty second poses. 
Paper is expensive so I just draw one on top of the other.
Sometimes I will use this as a background for another figure.

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