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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life Drawing Stone Griffin Art Gallery July 14, 2011

Life Drawing
2nd & 4th Thursdays each month
Listed on Craig's List under "Artist"
345 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell, CA
Coordinator: Elizabeth Parashis

Our first session in the new, smaller space!

234 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell CA

Cramped but doable. Have plans to purchase 3 bar stools for the bar area. That would have accommodated us all.

Even so, it was lots of fun and we had another great model, Liz Jorgensen!

July 14, 2011 Haiku Pieces and Vignettes
Hair is sun is hair.
Blonde strands themselves are summer.
She is a Kigo.*
* Japanese term loosely translated as “Seasonal Word.” 
My pen makes her sylph,
elongates her like funhouse
gravity mirrors.*
*Dark matter and other deep space structures sometimes cause entire clusters of thousands of galaxies each to appear as stretched celestial streaks as if they were sylphs or other elven like beings, similar to funhouse mirror distortions at a carnival amusement park, only lovely in an ethereal way. 
Beauty is error,
my lack of skill my paintbrush –
Van Gogh of struggles.
As I fear blindness,
queries bypass my deep mind –
what is the soul of nude?
Beatific Haiku
Swimmingly I sketch 
unspeakable feminine 
forms God gifted us.
sunshine glow, luminous
July countenance.
They call my mistakes
modern art, which Warhol says 
you get away with. 
Abstract arises 
in her bright warm summer light 
and my utter lack.
I accept waters
that form my field of eyesight
and liquid beauty.
In sketching I dive
into murky warm tropic
seas and am not wet. 
Victory Sketch Haiku
Deep rhapsodic joys
I feel when I sort of get
her solar form!
Spiritual Exile Haiku
She straddles structures
perhaps like her history.
Distant Salt Lake white.
Metal pipe music,
tones of mournful deep organ.
What chains did she leave?
Deep soul pondering
the light from every sun.
Each star tans her. 

STEPHEN C. WETLESEN, 10250 Mira Vista Rd., Cupertino, CA 95014 (408) 252-8655 email:, a published poetic artist and writer and graduate of the University of California Berkeley, has been commissioned for many different needs and occasions, including  birthdays, advertising, life tributes, speeches, hospital recovery, business presentations, institutional openings, memorials, artistic needs, personal needs and growth, CD releases, public relations, equestrian interests, railroad lore, historical matters, seasonal holidays, and wooing romance, among other matters. Mr. Wetlesen is available for any reasonable request that might be imagined. Sending flowers? Why not enhance them with poetic art?! Need a wedding gift? Have special poetic art created! Every newborn child needs birth poetic art to convey a deep lifelong sense of identity and family heritage.
“Poetic art for every need, event and occasion,
and everything needs poetic art.”

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