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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Life Drawing Stone Griffin Art Gallaery 8/11/11

Life Drawing
2nd & 4th Thursdays each month
Listed on Craig's List under "Artist"
345 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell, CA
Coordinator: Elizabeth Parashis

We are getting popular! 
Lots of people this time and lots of fun!

The rest are mine
Elizabeth Parashis
too lazy to put the name tag up

And then there's the "Poetic Artist"
Steve Wetlesen

August 11, 2011

Raw and Unvarnished as I Rendered the Pictures,
Save for Just a Few Minor Cosmetic Changes

Every Visual Artwork and Motif
Should Include These Extra Poetic Dimensions

 Too Late or Too Soon Improvised Tanka,
Out of Season

Radio playing
“Christmas Time is Here”
on a mid August night.
Lines of her form and contours
after Alexander Calder.

The Blues

Heat combines with Art.
Marine layer August breeze
and classic sketch pose.


The more I
screw up,
the better
I get.

I look upon nudes
to learn pure morality.
Christina’s visage.

Improvised Sylph Galactic Cluster

Nobel Prize
Higher Physics.
I’ve accomplished
what Einstein
never could.
I’ve ridiculously
a beautiful woman.
I must be composed
of condensed
dark matter
transforming me
a gravitational
funhouse mirror.
I love it!

Energy Field Haiku

Female vocalist
Never have I seen pure form
as now – jazz solo.

Christina Twenty Minute Meanderings

Indescribable -
her subtle beach jazz fluid
pure feminine form.

I learn chastity
geholding her nude contours.
Art transforms all dreams.

Timer outside time
she merges into boulders,
swims without movements.

Final Pose

Statues stand alive
teaching us moral lessons.
Chaste nude purity.

And what of the stars
that adorn her lightbody?
What does her skin song?

“Titanic” Rose lives.
Sun and moon, flower tattoos –
soft skin trinity.

Pinkish twilight veil,
silky robe over shoulders.
Soft glow innocence.


STEPHEN C. WETLESEN, 10250 Mira Vista Rd., Cupertino, CA 95014 (408) 252-8655, a published poetic artist and writer and graduate of the University of California Berkeley, has been commissioned for many different needs and occasions, including  birthdays, advertising, life tributes, speeches, hospital recovery, business presentations, institutional openings, memorials, artistic needs, personal needs and growth, CD releases, public relations, equestrian interests, railroad lore, historical matters, seasonal holidays, and wooing romance, among other matters. Mr. Wetlesen is available for any reasonable request that might be imagined. Sending flowers? Why not enhance them with poetic art?! Need a wedding gift? Have special poetic art created! Every newborn child needs birth poetic art to convey a deep lifelong sense of identity and family heritage.

“Poetic Art for every need, event and occasion,
and everything needs Poetic Art.”

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